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September 2017

Transform Patient Care with Dispatcher Phoenix

Whether for a small practice or a large multi-specialty hospital, Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare solution can enhance security, optimize efficiencies, and reduce operational costs. And this engaging video illustrates that perfectly with entertaining animations, music, and motion graphics.



With Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare’s cost-effective and easy-to-use solution, patient records can be quickly scanned, processed, and shared, helping hospitals and clinics control costs and maximize their operational efficiencies. Key features include:


MFP Integration. Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare offers full MFP integration with a visually appealing display, allowing hospital staff to easily scan and index files as well as browse through folders to quickly find a scan destination.


Automated Processing. Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare includes a large variety of automated document processing tasks, including the ability to extract data from files via zonal OCR, convert files to a variety of PDF and Microsoft Office formats, such as PDF Searchable and Word, annotate files, redact confidential information, and much more.


OnBase Connector. With Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare's direct connection to Hyland’s OnBase, charts, lab reports, claims, and other documents can be easily indexed, scanned, and sent to OnBase, ensuring that documents are easily shared and stored.


Secure Prescription Print. Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare includes a powerful Rx Shield feature, which applies anti-copy, anti-erasure, and pharmacy alerts to prescriptions printed on plain paper, allowing healthcare organizations to comply with federal mandates while eliminating the need for costly pre-printed prescription forms.


Other specialty functions. Dispatcher Phoenix Healthcare also includes barcode processing capabilities, metadata creation and scripting for complex workflows, ODBC processing, and Email parsing features to add even more power to your workflow. And optional modules are available as well, such as forms processing with pattern matching, and Release2Me, Dispatcher Phoenix’s secure and convenient print release system.

New MarketPlace Apps Available

Three all-new applications are now available from the bizhub MarketPlace. The bizhub Connector for SMB app allows users to quickly scan documents to a shared folder on the network. The bizhub Connector for WebDAV app allows users to scan documents to a WebDAV folder. And with the bizhub Connector for FTP app, users can log into an FTP server and easily scan to an FTP folder. Although they support different protocols, these apps offer similar functionality, allowing you to scan, print, browse, and manage files on your server, right from the MFP panel!


Using these apps, you can do the following:


  • Scan. You can scan a document into a folder in your directory. You can also name the file, as well as choose scan settings, including file type, resolution, color, density, simplex/duplex, hole punch, color/monochrome, collating, and grouping.

  • Print. You can print out existing file and choose a variety of print settings, including number of copies, stapling, simplex/duplex, hole punch, color/monochrome, collating, and grouping.

  • Browse. You can use the MFP control panel's finger-swipe interface to quickly browse through folders in your directory. Each app also includes a Search field to quickly narrow your list of folders displayed on the screen.

  • Manage Folders/Files. You can manage your folders and files with the ability to cut, copy, paste, rename, and delete them in your directory -- right from the MFP panel!

The bizhub MarketPlace is the place to go for cutting-edge applications made specially for use on your Konica Minolta MFP. Many apps are available free of charge and new apps are continually being developed to enhance the MFP user experience and expand the power of the MFP.


To learn more about these new connector apps, and to browse the dozens of other apps that are offered, please visit the bizhub MarketPlace.

Newly Redesigned Apps on MarketPlace

As we continue to develop new features and enhance the usability of all bizhub MarketPlace offerings, we updated the Paper Templates and Paper Templates Lite app with a new look and streamlined user experience. This app allows users to print commonly used templates and forms, including graph paper, ruled paper, sheet music, certificates, and more. Now, the redesigned, easy-to-follow, visually appealing app interface makes it even easier for users to specify the template that they would like to print.



You can choose the category of document that you would like to print, select a specific document to print within that category, choose any print options, and then print the document - all within a matter of seconds, directly at the MFP. And with the paid Paper Templates app, you can also add your own templates to the app for future use.


These apps are perfect for school systems and teachers who need a cost-effective, fast way to create blank forms for their students, such as certificates, permission forms, or graph paper. Visit the bizhub MarketPlace and install the apps today!

Stay Secure with Dispatcher Phoenix

In today’s office environments, the multi-function printer (MFP) is central to your business’s workflow and as the role of the MFP has advanced, businesses are seeing an increase in the threat of security breaches. Dispatcher Phoenix, Konica Minolta's advanced document workflow solution, offers security features that ensure document confidentiality, allow for system authentication, and provide clear audit trails. This White Paper outlines all of Dispatcher Phoenix security features, including:


  • Release2Me. Dispatcher Phoenix offers a convenient and secure print release system that allows users to print files once they have authenticated at an MFP. Release2Me features a system workflow for easy set up, a visually appealing print queue at the MFP, the ability to specify print options and have any unclaimed jobs deleted after a specific period of time, and much more.
  • Control. Direct integration with Windows Authentication and Active Directory is supported to ensure explicit control over local and network resources is ensured. Dispatcher Phoenix also supports CAC/PIV authentication to integrate with the federal government's smart card platform. In addition, Dispatcher Phoenix's Workflow Sharing capabilities allow admins to grant workflow authorization to specific users in Active Directory.
  • Document Security. Dispatcher Phoenix provides a large variety of automated document processing tasks for protecting documents and information, including the ability to create password Protected PDFs, automatically redact sensitive information, automatically delete files after a user-specified period of time, apply pantograph backgrounds and security warning text to prevent illegal copying of sensitive documents, and much more.
  • Secure Prescription Printing. Dispatcher Phoenix's Rx Shield process allows hospitals and clinics to comply with federal mandates for secure prescription printing, using plain paper.
  • Audit Trails. Activity log files are recorded each day individually for each workflow, and Dispatcher Phoenix comes with a standalone Log Viewer that allows you to easily navigate through the workflow’s history.


To learn more about keeping your documents secure, please see the Dispatcher Phoenix Security White Paper.

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