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January 2019

Dispatcher Phoenix Honored By Leading Industry Analysts

We are proud to announce that Dispatcher Phoenix was noted as one of the key reasons behind Konica Minolta's recent BLI PaceSetter awards. Keypoint Intelligence, a premier market intelligence company for the digital imaging industry, offers expert knowledge to the global marketplace, and its recent study of the legal and financial services industries resulted in two PaceSetter Awards being awarded to Konica Minolta for, among many reasons, the strength of its solutions portfolio.

Dispatcher Phoenix Legal
Dispatcher Phoenix Legal is Konica Minolta's flagship process automation application for law firms and legal organizations. This award-winning application streamlines time-consuming document processing tasks via customized workflows, a major benefit in the document-intensive legal field where law firms struggle to manage their document processes, comply with security regulations, and protect the confidentiality of their clients' information. With Dispatcher Phoenix Legal, legal organizations and firms can save time, reduce costs, and free up resources with the following key automated features:

  • Flexible, advanced Bates stamping for discovery preparations.
  • Intelligent redaction to permanently remove confidential information from case files, depositions, etc.
  • Easy and accurate file conversion to PDF Searchable and PDF/A for text searching and document archiving.
  • Automated file splitting to comply with e-filing judicial requirements.
  • Direct connectors to legal document management systems such as SharePoint, Worldox and Workshare for easy file storing.
  • Intuitive Workflow Designer tool to quickly create custom workflows to suit specific business needs.
  • LiveFlo technology to visualize files running through a workflow in real-time.
  • Full MFP integration with document indexing and folder browsing at the MFP.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go workers.
  • Much more.

According to Keypoint Intelligence, "In the study, Konica Minolta stood out in every category evaluated...On the software front, the company offers its own legal-focused workflow solution, Dispatcher Phoenix Legal, along with an array of third-party solutions to handle output accounting/billing, document and records management, e-discovery and forensics, and more."

To learn more about Dispatcher Phoenix Legal and how it can help your legal workflow, please see Konica Minolta's Legal TV channel.

Dispatcher Phoenix Finance
Dispatcher Phoenix Finance allows financial providers to handle, manage, and protect a wide variety of documents, such as statements, loan packages, records, credit applications, and more. Hard-copy financial documents can be scanned from an MFP, indexed, processed, and then transmitted via email to headquarters, branch offices, or mobile professionals on the go. Dispatcher Phoenix's key document processing features for the finance market include:

  • Scanning and converting financial documents to Microsoft Excel, Word, Searchable PDF, PDF/A, and other formats for future access, editing, and easy retrieval.
  • Automatically indexing documents based on extracted customer information, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Easily storing files in OnBase by Hyland. Dispatcher Phoenix's direct connector provides single sign-on, automated indexing features, and the ability to process files before they are sent to the correct location in OnBase, a popular document management system for banks and financial firms.
  • Applying date/time stamps and other important annotations to processed files.
  • Intelligent file routing to ensure that different types of documents are distributed correctly.
  • Recognizing both standard and 2D barcodes for speedy file processing based on barcode value.
  • Converting files to password-protected PDFs to safeguard customer information.

According to KeyPoint Intelligence's report, "The company also has a tremendous portfolio of software solutions to leverage, including Dispatcher Phoenix and Hyland OnBase to help streamline workflows."

To learn more about Dispatcher Phoenix Finance and how it can help your financial customers, please to go the SEC website.

Secure Your Document Workflow with Dispatcher Phoenix

As our customers continue to depend on technology to manage their business, document and workflow security continues to be their number one priority. Dispatcher Phoenix's robust and comprehensive security offerings have now expanded to include support for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 compliant encryption. FIPS, a series of security standards for cryptographic modules, is a key requirement for many government agencies and contractors as well as other regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance and considered to be the Gold Standard for security. With this new FIPS 140-2 support, Dispatcher Phoenix can be installed and used in any environment that has FIPS compliance encryption enabled for data transmission.

In addition, to protect documents while providing peace-of-mind, Dispatcher Phoenix offers a wide variety of security features, including:

  • Release2Me. Dispatcher Phoenix offers a convenient and secure print release system that allows users to print files once they have authenticated at an MFP. Release2Me features a system workflow for easy set up, an industry-leading, intuitive interface at the MFP, the ability to specify custom print options and have any unclaimed jobs deleted after a specific period of time, and more.
  • Control. Direct integration with Windows Authentication and Active Directory is supported to ensure explicit control over local and network resources. Dispatcher Phoenix also supports CAC/PIV authentication to integrate with the federal government's smart card platform. In addition, Dispatcher Phoenix's Workflow Sharing capabilities allow admins to grant workflow authorization to specific users in Active Directory.
  • Document Security. Dispatcher Phoenix provides a large variety of automated document processing tasks for protecting documents and information, including the ability to create password protected PDFs, automatically redact sensitive information, apply pantograph backgrounds and security warning text to prevent illegal copying of sensitive documents, and much more.
  • Secure Prescription Printing with Rx Shield. Dispatcher Phoenix's Rx Shield provides hospitals and clinics with a plain paper solution for printing secure prescriptions that comply with federal regulations issued by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). With Rx Shield, copy-resistant features are automatically applied to printed prescriptions, including a customizable pantograph background and a Security Features List box.
  • Audit Trails. Activity log files are recorded each day individually for each workflow, and Dispatcher Phoenix comes with a standalone Log Viewer that allows you to easily navigate through the workflow's history.
  • Network Security. With more and more businesses choosing to disable SNMP v1 to tighten security, Dispatcher Phoenix is fully usable in environments where SNMP v1 is disabled. Dispatcher Phoenix can also be used to discover devices using SNMP v3, regardless of what type of encryption and authentication the site uses for SNMP.

To find out more about how Dispatcher Phoenix can help your organization comply with federal mandates and prioritize security throughout your workflow, download the Dispatcher Phoenix Security White Paper.

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