Please select the link below to submit an SEC software assistance question. Note that, in order to keep the cost of software to a minimum, the SEC defers software implementation and usage support to its authorized branches and dealers. Please contact your local Konica Minolta branch or authorized dealer to arrange for end-user support. Konica Minolta Authorized Resellers may contact the KMBS Solutions Support Division (SSD) as they would for any technical issue.

Site Help:

For questions about how to purchase, download or register products on this website, click here for help.


For questions about Konica Minolta products such as printers, copiers and fax machines, please direct your inquiries to the main Konica Minolta site.

Additional Assistance:

If you are experiencing a technical issue with your registered SEC product, please contact your local Konica Minolta Authorized Reseller for assistance. As an alternative, you may contact Konica Minolta's technical support personnel in the KMBS Solutions Support Division (SSD) at (800) 456-6422. You will be charged a fee for this service.

License Issues:

If you have an issue specific to licensing only of an SEC product that has been registered, please click here and complete the forms on the pages that follow.

Deactivate License:

If you already initiated the offline deactivation process from your computer, you can click on Deactivate License to complete rest of the offline deactivation process. Make sure you have your license deactivation certificate key readily available.