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October 2012     GraphExpo, Chicago, IL
  ge12_1 ge12_10 ge12_2 ge12_3 ge12_4 ge12_5 ge12_6 ge12_7 ge12_8 ge12_9
January 2012     Inspire Customer Passion Dealer Event, Las Vegas, NV
  icp_1 icp_10 icp_11 icp_12 icp_13 icp_14 icp_15 icp_16 icp_17 icp_18 icp_19 icp_2 icp_3 icp_4 icp_5 icp_6 icp_7 icp_8 icp_9
September 2011     GraphExpo, Chicago, IL
  ge11_1 ge11_10 ge11_11 ge11_12 ge11_13 ge11_2 ge11_3 ge11_4 ge11_5 ge11_6 ge11_7 ge11_8 ge11_9
March 2011     On Demand / AIIM Expo, Washington D.C.
  pod11_1 pod11_10 pod11_11 pod11_12 pod11_13 pod11_14 pod11_15 pod11_16 pod11_2 pod11_3 pod11_4 pod11_5 pod11_6 pod11_7 pod11_8 pod11_9
May 2010     Power of Performance, Los Angeles, CA
  lalive10_1 lalive10_10 lalive10_11 lalive10_12 lalive10_13 lalive10_14 lalive10_15 lalive10_16 lalive10_17 lalive10_18 lalive10_19 lalive10_2 lalive10_20 lalive10_21 lalive10_22 lalive10_23 lalive10_24 lalive10_25 lalive10_3 lalive10_4 lalive10_5 lalive10_6 lalive10_7 lalive10_8 lalive10_9
April 2010     On Demand / AIIM Expo, Philadelphia, PA
  pod10_1 pod10_10 pod10_11 pod10_12 pod10_13 pod10_14 pod10_15 pod10_16 pod10_17 pod10_18 pod10_19 pod10_2 pod10_3 pod10_4 pod10_5 pod10_6 pod10_7 pod10_8 pod10_9
September 2009     Print09, Chicago, IL
  print09_1 print09_2 print09_3 print09_4 print09_5 print09_6 print09_7 print09_8 print09_9
March/April 2009     On Demand / AIIM Expo, Philadelphia, PA
  pod09_1 pod09_10 pod09_11 pod09_12 pod09_13 pod09_14 pod09_15 pod09_16 pod09_17 pod09_2 pod09_3 pod09_4 pod09_5 pod09_6 pod09_7 pod09_8 pod09_9
January 2009     Vision 2009, Orlando, FL
  vis09_1 vis09_10 vis09_11 vis09_12 vis09_13 vis09_14 vis09_15 vis09_16 vis09_17 vis09_18 vis09_19 vis09_2 vis09_3 vis09_4 vis09_5 vis09_6 vis09_7 vis09_8 vis09_9
April 2007     On Demand / AIIM Expo, Boston, MA
  pod07_1 pod07_10 pod07_11 pod07_12 pod07_2 pod07_3 pod07_4 pod07_5 pod07_6 pod07_7 pod07_8 pod07_9
February 2007     Connect for Growth, New Orleans, LA
  cfg07_1 cfg07_10 cfg07_11 cfg07_12 cfg07_13 cfg07_14 cfg07_15 cfg07_16 cfg07_2 cfg07_3 cfg07_4 cfg07_5 cfg07_6 cfg07_7 cfg07_8 cfg07_9
May 2006     On Demand / AIIM Expo, Philadelphia, PA
  pod06_1 pod06_10 pod06_11 pod06_12 pod06_13 pod06_14 pod06_15 pod06_2 pod06_3 pod06_4 pod06_5 pod06_6 pod06_7 pod06_8 pod06_9
September 2005     Print'05, Chicago, IL
  prt05_1 prt05_10 prt05_11 prt05_2 prt05_3 prt05_4 prt05_5 prt05_6 prt05_7 prt05_8 prt05_9
July 2005     SEC in Jamaica - Horizon 2005 with AIS
  jam05_1 jam05_10 jam05_11 jam05_12 jam05_13 jam05_2 jam05_3 jam05_4 jam05_5 jam05_6 jam05_7 jam05_8 jam05_9
May 2005     On Demand / AIIM Expo, Philadelphia, PA
  pod05_1 pod05_10 pod05_11 pod05_12 pod05_2 pod05_3 pod05_4 pod05_5 pod05_6 pod05_7 pod05_8 pod05_9
May 2005     Image Americas, Nashville, TN
  ia05_1 ia05_10 ia05_2 ia05_3 ia05_4 ia05_5 ia05_6 ia05_7 ia05_8 ia05_9
October 2004     GraphExpo, Chicago, IL
  gex04_1 gex04_2 gex04_3 gex04_4 gex04_5 gex04_6 gex04_7 gex04_8 gex04_9
March 2004     Image Americas, Orlando, FL
  idm04_1 idm04_2 idm04_3 idm04_4 idm04_5 idm04_6 idm04_7
March 2004     On Demand Expo, New York, NY
  pod04_1 pod04_2 pod04_3 pod04_4 pod04_5 pod04_6 pod04_7 pod04_8
September 2003     Seybold Expo, San Francisco, CA
  sey03_1 sey03_2 sey03_3 sey03_4 sey03_5
April 2003     Print On Demand Expo, New York, NY
  pod03_1 pod03_2 pod03_3 pod03_4 pod03_5
February 2003     International Dealer Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
  idm03_1 idm03_2 idm03_3 idm03_4 idm03_5 idm03_6